Dry-aged rib eye

When dry becomes juicy!
20 Min.
2-3 Min.
Sometimes dry can be very juicy: dry-aged rib eye is an extraordinary delicacy, that will develop its full and unique flavor on the 800°C Steak Grill. Within seconds, Otto’s burners cover the tender meat with a distinctive crust, while keeping it incredibly juicy on the inside. The result: an exciting texture complemented by an aromatic and rich taste. Round it all off with grilled sweet potato slices and enjoy a new grilling adventure!

Dry aged rib eye

  • 4 dry aged rib eye steaks
  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • 3 sprigs of thyme
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • Rock salt
  • Black pepper
Serves 4
Step 1

Prepare the dry-aged rib eye steak and sweet potatoes

Take the dry-aged beef out of the fridge one hour before you plan on grilling it. Let it reach room temperature to achieve a uniform cooking process. In the meantime, cook the unpeeled sweet potatoes in salt water for 10 to 15 minutes. The sweet potato shouldn’t get too soft, because otherwise they will fall apart on the grill. Cool down and cut into slices. Chop thyme and fresh rosemary. 

Step 2

Preheat the grill

For the perfect dry-aged steak the Otto Grill should be preheated onto maximum temperature. That takes about three minutes. Keep the grill grate out off the grill, so the steak doesn’t get precooked on the hot grid.

Step 3

Grill the steak

Crucial when grilling dry-aged meat: the right temperature. Only when the grill is really hot you will trigger the so-called “Maillard reaction”. Amino acids react with sugar and this way give your steak a nice crust. Read more about the Maillard reaction on Otto’s Blog. Set the Meat-O-Meter on stage 1 and grill the dry-aged Ribeye at 800°C for one minute on each side. This applies if your steak is about one inch thick. If it’s bigger, use a meat thermometer for the best outcome. Your desired core temperature would be between 53 and 56°C. Afterwards, remove the steak from the grill grate and let it rest. This gives the meat juices the chance to redistribute themselves within the meat again. Read the article "Grilling the perfect steak" for more steak know-how.

Step 4

Grill the sides and serve

Sear the sweet potato slices at moderate temperature on Meat-O-Meter stage 2 on both sides until they’ve turned golden-brown in color. Coat with olive oil and season with fresh herbs, coarse sea salt and colored-pepper. Then, carve the dry-aged Ribeye across the grain and also season with coarse sea salt. Serve with the grilled sweet potato slices, garnish with sun-dried tomato and serve on a country-style wooden board for the right look.

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