The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit
The Otto Grill Pro Kit

The Otto Grill Pro Kit

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The New Otto 800°C O.F.B. Pro Griller Kit with Grill Drawer!

The Otto 800°C O.F.B. Pro Griller Kit

Everyone loves a great steak. But, is there anything more difficult to grill at home than a sizzling, melt-in-your mouth steak you get at a high-end steakhouse? The reason is your grill. It’s not capable of achieving the extreme temperatures needed to sear a steak quickly to give the steak a delicious, flavour-sealing crust. With The Otto Grill, you can cook juicy, tender and flavourful steakhouse steaks right in your own backyard.


The new Otto Wilde Grill Pro Kit has everything you need for your Otto Grill and more! Get on board with your grill, pre-built with its drawer, Australian gas regulator, drip tray tongs, drip tray, clever lever and cast iron grill grate.

  • OverFire™ Burners

    Dual OverFireTM Burners reach 800°C within 3 minutes and are independently adjustable. Because they cook from above, there are no flare-ups or nasty charring.
  • Radiant Technology

    Otto’s radiant technology directly heats the meat, eliminating the air-drying problem of conventional grills. The open front design lets you watch your steaks cook.
  • SmoothMove™ Height Adjustment

    The SmoothMoveTM Height Adjustment System allows you to smoothly raise and lower the cast iron grate depending on the thickness of your steak.
  • “It’s That Easy?!” clean-up

    With the flip of two latches, the entire top section fully detaches, which, combined with the cook-from-above design, makes for extraordinarily easy clean-up.
  • Great-Steak-Anywhere portability

    The Otto Steak Grill is sized just right and reasonably light so it‘s easy to take wherever steaks are grilled. It works on readily available propane, that you get from the petrol station, or your local Bunnings!
  • Award-winning German engineering

    The Otto Grill is built to last, built to perform and built to look great. It was awarded the prestigious 2018 German Design Award.

At a glance

Other Grills

The perfect steak? No way! The temperature is insufficient to sear a steak quickly like they do in a high-end steakhouse.


The Otto Grill’s extreme temperatures create that mouth-watering crust on your steak that literally seals in the moisture and flavor.

Convection heat

Convection heats the air to cook and dries out your meat. Your grill has to be closed while cooking.

Radiant Technology

Otto’s Radiant Technology directly heats the meat eliminating the air-drying problem. It also allows for an open front design.


Heat distribution is disturbed by dripping grease, leading to flare-ups that cause uneven cooking.

OverFire™ Burners

Otto’s two OverFire™ Burners emit heat from the top. This prevents flare-ups caused by dripping grease and creates a wonderfully even crust.

Long waiting times

Long pre-heating and grilling times make your stomach growl. That makes grilling something only for the weekend.

5 Minutes

Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast. After only 3 minutes of pre-heating the Otto Grill sears your steaks in a minute per side.

What you get

The whole lot of the Otto Grill

  • Gas hose with regulator
    80cm long gas hose with regulator and adapter – so that you can directly start grilling!
  • Stainless steel drip tray
    Moving Drip tray for collecting meat juices
  • Cast iron grill grate
    Solid 32.5cm x 26cm cast iron grid – enough room for two big Porterhouse steaks
  • Multi-purpose Clever Lever
    Height adjustment, grid allocation and bottle opener – all in one
  • Pre-built with the Otto Grill Drawer
    Seamless grilling experience with minimal mess
  • Drip Tray Tongs
    Stainless steel, rubber coated drip tray tongs for ideal grip of the drip tray

Outer values

Width 42.5cm x depth 44.0cm x height 29.5cm
Corpus material
Stainless steel
18 Kg

Inner values

2 separately adjustable infrared gas units
Gas type
2 piezo ignitors
Temperature range
Up to 800°C
Grid size
32.5cm x 26.5cm
Material grid
Cast iron

Certification & Security

Gas Certified for AU & NZ
Piezo ignition for both gas burners
Thermoelectric safety valves

OTTO Gives you a

Two-year Guarantee on all parts

The Otto Steakhouse
Steak Guarantee

If your Otto 800°C Steak Grill doesn't make steaks that rival the steaks you get in a fine steakhouse - we will buy it back from you, no questions asked.

Here's what our customers say


Otto Original OFB

I am loving my new griller, the steak cooks amazing, tender, juicy and the crust is delicious.

Wendy, NSW

Otto Original OFB

So easy and quick to use and gives a lovely char flavour.

Cassandra, NSW

Otto Original OFB

Just took delivery of this beast.....Donna was amazing to deal with. Made the whole thing simple and fast. Unpacked it, hooked it up, which was easy, and got it up and running and couldn't be happier. First cook were some wagyu minced burgers - crust was incredible. Second cook was to reheat some Peking duck that had been vacuum sealed. The skin was crispy. Don't think I will regret this purchase one bit!!!!

Dion, VIC