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Otto's O.F.B. Griller

800°C from the top

The secret behind the perfect steak is the right temperature! The heat comes from the top: this gives your steak an unprecedented crust, while its center stays tender and juicy.

Easy handling

Ottos O.F.B. is quick and easy to use. The spacious grill grate offers enough space for all common beef cuts. Even for the biggest Porterhouse Steak.

100% Made in Germany

Otto's O.F.B. is not only a premium steak grill but also a true headturner: for its outstanding product design it has been nominated for the German Design Award 2018.

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800°C is hot. Seriously hot.

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Award-winning design

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Outer specifications

Width 42.5cm x depth 44.0cm x height 29.5cm
Stainless steel
18 Kg

Inner specifications

2 separately adjustable infrared gas units
Gas type
2 piezo ignitors
Temperature range
Up to 800°C
Grid size
12.8 x 32.5 x 26.5cm
Material grid
Cast iron

Certification & Security

Gas Certified for AU & NZ
Piezo ignition for both gas burners
Thermoelectric safety valves

What The Pro's Say...


Troy Wheeler - Head Butcher, MEATSMITH Fitroy & St Kilda

"For us, we look to champion exceptional produce that has been expertly prepared. To partner up with Otto Wilde Grill just makes sense. To have an innovative cooking appliance that will assist with achieving the best cooking results."


Pat LaFrieda

“There is just no other way to cook a steak at home.” USA's most famous butcher


Arlie Bragg

"It cooked a perfect steak, probably the best I have had." Vice President Kansas City Barbeque Society


Thorsten Brandenburg

"The Otto Grill is simply the best Steak Grill out there. Seriously: 95% of all steak houses don't produce such results! I am truly excited!" BBQPit 2017 World Champion

Maria Fisk

"Brought an Otto OFB a couple of months ago, best BBQ purchase yet!  Heats up super-fast and you get perfectly cooked steak every time.  Used it for veges too and same unbeatable results.  Would totally recommend to anyone sick of watching youtube videos on how to cook the steak, cos you’ll be doing it yourself with an Otto. And awesome service from Viking, was delivered to NZ within days!!"