Otto Wilde Grillers Australia are proud to announce a new partnership with specialty butcher and wine merchant MEATSMITH in 2019.

MEATSMITH is widely referred to as a Melburnian institution, bringing home cooks from all over Victoria to stores located in Fitzroy and St Kilda, searching for the best quality meat products for home meals.


"To partner up with Otto Wilde Grill just makes sense."




Troy Wheeler, Co-owner and Head Butcher, MEATSMITH spoke about the partnership, "For us, we look to champion exceptional produce that has been expertly prepared. To partner up with Otto Wilde Grill just makes sense. To have an innovative cooking appliance that will assist with achieving the best cooking results."

Being a specialty butcher and wine merchant, MEATSMITH are extending their product range by selling direct to customers the O.F.B Otto Wilde Grill.

When customers purchase their Otto Wilde Grill through MEATSMITH, they receive a free MEATSMITH tote bag valued at $19.50, which also includes:

  • 1 x 1 - 1.2kg O'Connor Dry Aged Rib-Eye Steak - valued at $80.00!
  • 73-page Otto’s Grilling Recipes Book
Otto's Grilling Recipes Book is a page-turner and a half recipe book filled with exciting recipe ideas, catering for main meals and even desserts. Getting you started on experimenting with your new Otto Wilde Grill from day one.




We’re very excited to partner with MEATSMITH, giving customers the opportunity to see in-person the astonishing results of the Otto Wilde Grill that you can bring home to your weeknight dinner routine or your entertaining secret.


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