Grilled Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Steak doesn't only look great, it's also particularly intense in flavour thanks to the bone. The cut, a bone-in rib steak.
10 Min
10 Min.
The name of the cut comes from its characteristic shape, which looks like the Indians’ tomahawks. The bone serves as a handy tool to flip the steak. With the Otto Grill, you can grill the Tomahawk Steak perfectly. One Tomahawk can easily feed two people. Our dry-aged Tomahawk has such an intense flavor that we don’t add anything to it except for salt and pepper.
Serves 2
  •  1 x 1kg Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
Step 1

About an hour before grilling, remove the steak from the fridge. Season abundantly with salt. Let the meat set in the salt brine for about an hour so the meat can absorb the salt and distribute the seasoning all over the meat. This is how you get a flavorful steak straight from the grill.

Step 2

Preheat your Otto Grill to 800°C  for three minutes. Dry off the tomahawk steak with a bit of kitchen paper before grilling to reduce the fat drips. Pro tip: Now, wrap the bone in aluminum foil so that it doesn’t burn. Place the steak on the grill grate, push it into the Otto Grill and grill the steak for 1 minute at Meat-O-Meter stage 1 until it develops a nice crust.

Step 3

As soon as the Tomahawk steak is grilled on both sides to the desired perfect steak crust, lower the temperature and adjust the grill grate to Meat-O-Meter level 5, the lowest height setting. Let the steak rest until it has reached your desired degree of doneness. To be as accurate as possible, use a meat thermometer to make sure the steak is grilled just as you like it.

Step 4

Remove the grilled tomahawk steak from the Otto Grill and place it on a cutting board or plate. Let it rest for another 10 minutes. This makes sure that the meat juices, which were extracted to the surface of the meat during the grilling process, can find their way back into the meat and make it super juicy and tender.

Step 5

After resting the steak, cut bone off the meat and slice the meat against the grain. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

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