Australian/NZ Gas Regulator

Australian/NZ Gas Regulator

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Replacement Aus/NZ Gas Regulator

Only to be used with the Otto Wilde Grill - please ensure correct use of gas regulator at all times. Item is shipped standard with all new Otto Grill purchases (Original OFB, Lite & Pro).

Follow these simple steps every time you use your grill:

  •     Inspect the hose for signs of perishing or cracking – if the hose is cracked or perished, don’t use the BBQ until the hose has been replaced.
  •     Use a squeezy bottle filled with soapy water to check the connection for gas leaks (use dishwashing liquid and water). Squirt the connection with the suds from the soapy water solution.
    • Bubbles will form if gas is escaping.
    • Leak-test the connection to the cylinder every time you connect it or change cylinders.
    • Serious leaks are common and can be very dangerous.
    • Check and leak test the connection every time you barbecue.

    If no bubbles appear, you’re safe to cook.

What to do if you see bubbles:

  1.     Switch off the gas immediately
  2. Re-check the hose to make sure it hasn’t perished
  3. Re-check connections to make sure they are tight – get into the habit of doing this regularly
  4. Check that the O ring on the connection hasn’t perished
  5. Check the gas cylinder for damage

 Note: you can’t refill an LP Gas cylinder if it hasn’t been tested for over 10 years, or if the cylinder has been damaged. Always exchange LP Gas cylinders at a reputable supplier.

Re-test with soapy water, and if bubbles still form turn off the gas. Your LP Gas cylinder or hose may need replacing.


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Replacement Gas Regulator


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    Otto Original OFB

    I am loving my new griller, the steak cooks amazing, tender, juicy and the crust is delicious.

    Wendy, NSW

    Otto Original OFB

    So easy and quick to use and gives a lovely char flavour.

    Cassandra, NSW

    Otto Original OFB

    Just took delivery of this beast.....Donna was amazing to deal with. Made the whole thing simple and fast. Unpacked it, hooked it up, which was easy, and got it up and running and couldn't be happier. First cook were some wagyu minced burgers - crust was incredible. Second cook was to reheat some Peking duck that had been vacuum sealed. The skin was crispy. Don't think I will regret this purchase one bit!!!!

    Dion, VIC