5 tips to have you grilling like a pro in no time!

It might be a little intimidating to buy a grill and then not really know all the tricks around making the best steak with a perfect crust.

So we’ve put together some of our ultimate tips to get you grilling like a pro on no time at all on your Otto Wilde Grill at 800°C heat!

    1. Avoid sugary sauces or marinades at all costs

      Sugary sauces and marinades will have the tendency to flare up under the extreme heat of the grill – and why would you need to change the flavour of a perfectly-crusted steak?

      Let the natural juices of the steak wonder without any marinades.


      2. Always keep an eye on what you are grilling

      It’s a no-brainer and everyone says this, but it is so important to ensure that you don’t let the meat overcook and potentially burn under the 800°C flames.

      It’s very easy to get distracted, but with 800°C heat on the grill grate, it will only take a few minutes to cook your meal, and then scroll on your phone or take that call after.

      Better yet – invite your mates around and enjoy the Otto Grill together!


      3. Spice – Spice – and everything nice

      Make sure that if you are hoping to add exotic spices to your meat, that this is rubbed in at least an hour before grilling.

      This will give the meat and spice enough time to sink in and allow it to merge.


      4. Keep the grill grate clean

      An arduous task but it really should be completed after every use – why? It will make your next grilling experience a lot more easier, without having any old food scraps sticking to your steak.

      With the Otto Grill, with only the flick of the two latches behind the grill, you can lift the top of the entire grill to give the inside a wipe down with a cloth. This brings the overall cleaning time down to only a few minutes, leaving you to enjoy your perfectly crusted steak!



      5. Let your Otto warm up

      With temperature highs of 800°C, the Otto Grill will definitely make a mean steak for you – give your Otto about 3 minutes to warm up to its highest temperature. Once it is at its highest, it will give you a perfect sear and crust to your steak.


      It’s worth the wait – believe us.