How to grill pizza on the Otto Grill

Grilled Pizza with the Otto Grill

Perfectly grilling a pizza yourself is always such a tricky thing - a typical oven doesn't reach enough heat, the moisture doesn't escape property and the dough just doesn't get crispy.

At the end of the day, you might enjoy a mediocre pizza or just order takeaway at your favourite spot. But what's the secret of a perfect pizza?

The temperature!

Really high temperatures like 800°C - and Otto knows all about high heat.

That's why pizza is perfectly grilled on the Otto Grill with our custom-made pizza stone made of certified codierite.

Because of the high heat, the stone reaches the perfect temperature for pizza in just minutes. While the stone bakes from the bottom, the Otto grills your pizza from the top giving you dual action to grill up a crispy pizza crust, with melted cheese and toppings galore!