Reverse searing with your Otto Wilde Grill

All the grilling experts are talking about a reverse sear, but what is a reverse sear? It’s ok, you aren’t the only one asking this question. A sear is the process of quick grilling the surface of your steak at high temperatures, so how do you reverse sear?

What is a reverse sear?

Traditionally, restaurants and steakhouses would first sear their steaks to achieve that desirable crunchy crust and then pop it in the oven to continue cooking the steak until the right temperature and degree of doneness.


So, if you asked for a medium to medium-well steak, searing alone won’t achieve the right level of doneness for your taste. Reverse searing is this process, well, in reverse.

Otto Grill for about a minute per side to achieve the perfect crispy and crunchy crust. The idea is that once the internal temperature of your steak has been reached, the Maillard reaction, the caramelising effect of the steak crust, will be achieved with much more efficiency.  Then, the steak can be served straight off the hot grill right after a quick sear.

 3 ways to reverse sear steak

If you’re still wondering what is a reverse sear and how to do it, there are 3 ways. For rare lovers, a quick sear at 800°C on the Otto Grill is all you need to achieve that beautiful pink, tender inside.

Temperature guide (to keep in mind)

Rare - 52°C

Medium rare - 55°C

Medium - 60°C

Well done - 71°C

1. The Outdoor Otto Grill

If you like to keep it simple and efficient by using only one device, the Otto Grill achieves the reverse sear with simplicity.

Just place your steaks on the cool grill grate while your grill preheats for 3 minutes.

Then, place it inside the Otto Grill on the lowest height and temperature setting. Use a thermometer or MEATER+ to check for your desired degree of doneness.

When it is just under your desired temp, you can turn up the heat and sear those babies at the highest height for the perfect crispy steak crust. Just a minute per side!


 2. Sous vide who?

If you’ve never heard of a sous vide before, you’re in for a real treat. Sous vide is a style of cooking that involves cooking meat in boiling water (wrapped in a plastic bag) for a tender result. Now, with the new sous vide wands like Anova, everyone can achieve chef quality dishes with a reverse sear. This device cooks your food to the exact temperature you want hands free – you just use the app.

Then, take out your perfectly tender steak and sear the perfect steak crust on your Otto Grill for one minute per side at the highest temperature!

3. The Good Ol' Oven

You can bake your steak, though we don’t want you to dry it out! So, Otto recommends using as thick of a steak you can get so that your oven doesn’t dry it out. You can pre-bake the steak and then sear it hot and fast at 800°C on the Otto Grill.