The best way to clean your O.F.B. griller

How to make your Otto Grill bright & shiny again

We all like to grill more than we like to clean. This is why Otto has always placed special emphasis on building in an easy grill cleaning solution. In this tutorial, we will show you the best way to clean a grill.

Easy grill cleaning

Most of Otto’s accessories are dishwasher-safe. The grill drip tray, grill tongs, stainless steel grill grates, thermal shield and the stainless steel pizza peel can all go straight into the dishwasher. Only the cast iron grate has to be washed by hand.

Cleaning your Otto Grill: the inside of your stainless steel gas grill

It is very important that you let your Otto Grill cool down before you clean it, or you may burn yourself. This is especially important after grilling at a very high temperature.

Open the buckles on the back of the grill and remove the top of your stainless steel gas grill, where the infrared burners are located. Now, the inside of the grill is easily accessible. This is a key difference between the Otto Grill and other infrared burner grills that have their top permanently attached. With those grills, the inside can be very difficult to clean, because the corners and sides can barely be reached with a sponge.

Make sure to wear synthetic gloves during the cleaning to protect your hands from the cleaning detergents. Spray the bottom and the walls of your infrared burner grill with a fat dissolvent such as a grill cleaner spray and let it take effect for five minutes. Dish wash liquid is also a good alternative. After five minutes, take a common sponge and free your Otto Grill from the grilling residues. Use steel wool for especially stubborn stains and burned-in fat. However, it’s important to rub in the direction of the steel, or small scratches may result. Afterwards, rinse the inside of the grill with some warm water to remove the last stains. To finish, spray the inside with some steel polish spray, let it take effect for a moment, and polish the grill with some kitchen roll or a soft cloth.

Cleaning your Otto Grill: The top of your stainless steel gas grill

The infrared burners themselves do not require cleaning. Thanks to the high temperatures, residue such as fat etc. simply burns off. In specialist jargon, we call this phenomenon “pyrolysis”. Of course, you want to make the rest of the top of your stainless steel gas grill shine. Place the top upside down and spray the steel frame around the infrared burners with a grill cleaner spray. Let the spray take effect for a minute and then clean the frame with steel wool. To clean the front, rotate the top. Stains are most easily removed with steel wool and a grill cleaner spray here as well. For the logo, only use a soft material and no aggressive dissolvent, or the logo might be bleached. To finish, use a steel polish spray and a soft cloth to make your Otto Grill shine in all its glory.