Why Grilling at 800°C is Better!

One of the most distinctive and unrivalled advantages of the Otto O.F.B Grill is the searing hot temperature at which it cooks your meat.

The method of grilling meat is all about heat. High temperatures from either a gas grill or from glowing charcoal radiate directly below the cooking surface of the grill grate, searing the meat. However a regular grill temperature range is around 250-400°C.

So the Otto grill is at least twice as hot as a regular grill. But how does all this extra heat improve the grilling process?

It means that it can grill a steak to perfection in a much shorter time, taking only a few short minutes to cook, compared to a conventional grill for instance, which takes around double the length of time at around 10 minutes for a simple warmup.

The Otto also reaches this high temperature very quickly, in just 3 minutes. Conventional grills take much longer to heat up and cook by convection, drying out the food. Otto’s OverFire­­™ burner radiates infrared waves directly into the food, allowing for that optimum steakhouse tenderness while removing the issue of the food dehydrating.

However, the best part about grilling meat at 800°C is that perfect sear it creates. On an Otto, you need only sear your steak for two minutes on each side. This is enough to create the essential crust. This crust, called the Malliard Effect, or caramelisation, identifies the reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars in the meat that melt together when subjected to high heat.

The Malliard Effect is what gives meat that complex, roasty, cooked flavor. However, the Malliard effect only works at high temperatures, as it removes the water in the meat’s surface. Because the Otto Grill uses such a high temperature, it creates the sear quickly, while still locking in the internal moisture, leaving the steak juicy and tender.

So if you’re struggling to get that perfect steakhouse grill at home, try out an Otto O.F.B. Grill to get flaming hot and flawless steak.