Why grilling meat is healthier for you than frying

We’re now more educated about the food that we consume and the associated health benefits. The way we cook our food directly impacts its taste, texture and how healthy it is for us.

Grilling and frying are the two most popular cooking methods to cook food globally. We all have our preferred cooking methods for whatever we’re cooking; whether it be thick cuts of meat, chicken, seafood – you name it!

The Otto Wilde Grill makes searing steak easy ...

Unlike frying, by grilling food, minimal added fats or oils are required for the cooking process. With frying, the way meat is cooked is through the high conductivity and temperatures, whereas on the other end with grilling, meat is placed under direct heat, using thermal radiation to cook your food.


How is it healthier?

With the increased prevalence of high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes plaguing young children and adults across Australia, the way that we cook our food will have to change to keep up with our health needs.

By reducing the amount of added fats to our diets, we can limit the unnecessary fats to our food and enjoy healthier lives.

Ultimate tips for grilling?

  • Season early
  • Bring meat to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge an hour before grilling
  • Only give it 2 minutes in the Otto for the perfect sear


    Unfortunately meat isn’t sold with the perfect sear – we have to do this ourselves while cooking.

    How to give it the perfect sear

    To give it that perfect, steakhouse sear, we recommend to sear your steak in the beginning for a minute on both sides. Then decrease the temperature slightly until the meat has reached your desired core temperature.

    The Otto Wilde Grill makes searing steak easy, with minimal time involved.

    When you’re grilling 800°C – anything’s possible.

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