7 Grill Mistakes You'll Never Make Again!

Some people think grilling is just heat and meat. Don't make that grill mistake!

Those are the essentials but there's an art and science to it. If you value the art of grilling and want to improve your science, brush up on some of the biggest grill mistakes even seasoned grillers make.

1. Mess Free

When it's time to eat the perfect steak, no one wants a huge mess to clean up. That's a fact. But, keeping clean and cleaning up are essential to great grilling adventures and less worrying about mess. First, wear an apron. Just do it.

This ensures that you aren't wearing your dinner - only eating it. When you don't have to treat a grease stain right away or change shirts, you are outside enjoying your BBQ grill party and friends!


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Also, after you eat, it's well worth it to clean your grill! Not cleaning your grill is probably the biggest grill mistake you can make. Clean your grill after every use and you will guarantee yourself perfect grilling conditions every time you grill in the future.

2. Use Tongs

Sometimes we are lazy or just don't want to dirty yet another utensil, but you will be grateful for your long stainless steel tongs.

These will really make grilling easier and smooth. No worries about burning or losing grip. Tongs are the best things since Tupperware.

3. Use a wooden chopping board

Plastic is cheap, we know, but it isn't the best thing to be using around food and heat, especially quality meat and 800°C temperatures.

It's easy to be distracted and with one false move, your plastic chopping board could melt away. Anytime heat meets plastic, you'll get chemicals you don't want near your food. Just to be safe, use a wooden chopping board.

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4. Don't use plastic

No plastic tongs, no plastic trays, no plastic around 800°C heat!

You might forget and put it on top of the grill. Don't do it. You will be thankful you didn't when you realise how hot this grill actually gets!

That's why we provide you with a stainless steel drip tray and cast iron grill grate.

5. Utilise indirect heat

We're always talking about that mouthwatering, golden, crunchy crust you can only get with direct heat under the 800°C burners, but we want you to also utilise the indirect heat. Warm up veggies or keep cooking your meat to reach a certain doneness if it's still rare in the middle while you cook up the next steak. Use another grill grate or drip tray at the bottom of the grill (on top of the original drip tray).

Who said you can't multitask? Made easy when it is all on the same grill.

6. Attached bottle opener

Who wants to grill without an ice cold drink? For ease and convenience, attach a bottle opener to your grill so you never forget one - even if that means you left it in the house.

The weather is beautiful and you don't want to be running indoors just for a bottle opener!

Like our beloved Otto Grill feature, we have a detachable Clever Lever that seconds as a bottle opener - so you never have to rumage for one again.

7. Use a thermometer

Most people don't think they need a thermometer and some grillers just know when their meat is done, but this is a big grill mistake!

To achieve consistently perfect steaks at the exact degree of doneness that you want, use a thermometer.

If you forget a thermometer, use this cool hand trick to determine the degree of doneness.