Otto Wilde starts partnership with Pat LaFrieda

The King of Meat

America’s most famous butcher Pat LaFrieda is the undisputed number one when it comes to first-class meat. His company Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors supplies nationwide the top-class and Michelin star awarded restaurants with premium steaks.

Pat LaFrieda was first introduced to the meat world as a 10-year-old boy, helping out at his grandfather’s butchering business. His father never wanted his son to join the family business; but he wanted to show him the importance of hard work. After a year as a Wall Street broker Pat followed his passion and took over the family business, developing it into one of the most prestigious meat purveyors of the country, selling steaks to numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. His name stands for unparalleled quality.

In cooperation with Otto Wilde the exceptional butcher is now launching a “Pat LaFrieda Series“ of the Otto Grill on the American market. That’s why all the 900°C Steak Grills in the USA will show the Pat LaFrieda logo. And that’s not all: LaFrieda and Otto Wilde are also planning a series of offline events where customers can experience the perfect steak from the Otto Grill themselves. The reason for the new partnership is simple: The 47-year-old Pat just sees the Otto Grill as the perfect device for searing steaks. Or to use his words: “There is just no other way to cook a steak at home.”

Pat LaFrieda grilling two Porterhouse Steaks in his garden.
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That was it! Grilling together for the first time on the sidewalk in front of Pat’s facility.
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Pat and Otto Wilde Co-Founder Julia during a video shooting.

The story

When Otto Wilde Grillers approached Pat with their Otto Grill in 2016, Pat first deleted their Email. During his time running the third-generation family business, he has been approached by many grill manufacturers and never endorsed a product. But somehow the Otto Grill stuck in his head. One evening he went back to his deleted emails and looked at the grill in more detail. He got hooked.

So, the Otto team flew over to New Jersey in spring 2017 and grilled a steak with Pat in front of his facility in North Bergen: one of the best steaks Pat has ever had. What was planned as a one-hour meeting turned out to be a six-hours tailgate. Even though Pat was convinced of the grill after the first 30 seconds, he still continued to experiment with it for almost half a day.

This story of how it all started out shows how warm-hearted and informal the partnership was from the beginning. A cooperation of two companies who both stand for highest quality standards in their respective fields. We are indescribably thankful that we could win a partner like Pat LaFrieda on our mission to set new grilling benchmarks and are excited for many more grilling sessions in the future.  The combination of steaks from the best butcher of the US with Ottos Steak grill just tastes superb literally in every place.