What is the carnivore diet?

It's the diet trend that has swept the nation - more are wanting to achieve different health goals with the one diet solution.

The diet stems from the belief that today's health problems that are plaguing the nation are due to high-carb diets that we have developed. Health issues like diabetes, obesity etc.

Looking back at our pre-historic  ancestors, they mostly consumed meats and fish because, well, Maccas down the road just didn't exist. There really wasn't an alternative to their diet, like food delivery with donuts to you in a flash.

So, to minimise/eliminate these health problems we change our diets.

The carnivore diet is claimed to assist in:

  • weight loss
  • mood issues
  • blood sugar regulation
  • improvements on conditions like fibromyalgia, autoimmune illnesses and arthritis

It is a restrictive diet and only includes meat, fish and other animal foods like eggs and certain dairy products. That's the grunt of it.

This diet excludes vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts and bread.

One overpowering health goal which is a influence on the carnivore diet trend is the weight loss associated with it.

As it is a high-protein diet, your meals will make you feel fuller for longer which will reduce snacking in-between meals (if you have the will-power), which in-turn will reduce calorie intake resulting in the weight loss.

Protein is also proven to increase your metabolism which aids in burning calories.

No, this doesn't mean having steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner (in hindishgt this wouldn't be a bad thing either - can you imagine?).

This means totally eliminating the high-calorie foods that overpower our diets and have little to no health benefits. That cookie over there? Put that away, but that steak? Bring it down to room temp and get it on the Otto!

So how does the Otto come into this? Why are we talking about the carnivore diet?

Well, for some, the task of heating up the bbq or prepping meat can be the contributing factor as to why we have high-fat/sugar/calorie diets.

Another reason can be the actual cooking time - who on earth has the time in the day to carefully cook a meal with all the elements to perfection? That's right, neither you nor us.

To perfectly sear a piece of steak, or any protein for that matter, it only takes a matter of minutes (for steak it is just one minute either side).

So if you're looking at the carnivore diet, check whether it is something that you can maintain and adapt to. Check with your GP that this is the way for you to go, and closely monitor.

Then the exciting bit of getting something shiny and new to help. Get your Otto Wilde Grill today!